Jun 1, 2016


Cover for "Phidelphius" - a sci-fi novel by Kenneth Buff.  www.kennethbuff.com/

Small work in progress steps tutorial:

1) Final sketch in sync with the script. I tend to be fast and bold here with opaque brushes. At this point I work with a few layers and in black and white. I add colors on adjustment layers few add/darken/lighten layer options and this time it is the best way to be able to easily change form and colors fast. Composition, size of elements and mood is most important here.

2) I separate the layers, create precise silhouettes and forms. I have the coloring layers available at any time. I decided to work on this in black and white for a longer time then usual.

3) Rendering, effects and post process. Some smaller changes, few iterations and you can see final artwork above.

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