Nov 9, 2015

Painting techniques - First steps - Fast Photoshop Setup (Brushes, Actions, Keys)

From time to time I will share my art knowledge and experience. I will divide it into sections - Technique / Mindset / Insight. Let us start with the technique. Follow me for more

I decided to start with my very beginnings, a Photoshop setup.
I used to paint with classical techniques, but at some point in late 2001 I started to paint with computer tablet. It had so many useful tools and options I was amazed. It reminded me of a Starcraft game, where learning keyboard shortcuts made you faster and helped a lot.  I created a Photoshop setup I still use and develop. It helps to get all I want from Photoshop very fast.

Keyboard - try to set it up so you can have a good flow and you don't need to click on any icon or menu. Try to remember all useful shortcuts. After a while it will be natural and fast. When needed, record and use Photoshop's actions. Here is my setting:

(install it in Photoshop's Keyboard Shortcuts Menu and Actions Window)

Brushes - I have a lot of brushes, some of them I do use a lot, some of them are for special occasions, most of them I still try to get to know better.

My pack of brushes is strongly based on what other concept artist have shared (thank you guys!):
Maciej Kuciara brushes (
Jonas De Ro brushes (
Shaddy Saffadi brushes (
Dan Lu Visi brushes (
Paweł Świeżak brushes (
Darek Zabrocki brushes (

Hope you like this few words, if something is unclear or wrong, feel
free to post me a message. Follow me for more



  1. Thank you for sharing this interesting and informative article, painting with airless spray gun will be faster and more interesting!

  2. thank you so much, great explanation and free gift.

  3. Sorry, i have a question, where i can find the coolus extention for photoshop? Thanks