Nov 9, 2015

Painting techniques - First steps - Fast Photoshop Setup (Brushes, Actions, Keys)

From time to time I will share my art knowledge and experience. I will divide it into sections - Technique / Mindset / Insight. Let us start with the technique. Follow me for more

I decided to start with my very beginnings, a Photoshop setup.
I used to paint with classical techniques, but at some point in late 2001 I started to paint with computer tablet. It had so many useful tools and options I was amazed. It reminded me of a Starcraft game, where learning keyboard shortcuts made you faster and helped a lot.  I created a Photoshop setup I still use and develop. It helps to get all I want from Photoshop very fast.

Keyboard - try to set it up so you can have a good flow and you don't need to click on any icon or menu. Try to remember all useful shortcuts. After a while it will be natural and fast. When needed, record and use Photoshop's actions. Here is my setting:

(install it in Photoshop's Keyboard Shortcuts Menu and Actions Window)

Brushes - I have a lot of brushes, some of them I do use a lot, some of them are for special occasions, most of them I still try to get to know better.

My pack of brushes is strongly based on what other concept artist have shared (thank you guys!):
Maciej Kuciara brushes (
Jonas De Ro brushes (
Shaddy Saffadi brushes (
Dan Lu Visi brushes (
Paweł Świeżak brushes (
Darek Zabrocki brushes (

Hope you like this few words, if something is unclear or wrong, feel
free to post me a message. Follow me for more


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  1. Thank you for sharing this interesting and informative article, painting with airless spray gun will be faster and more interesting!